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Changing facilities for better hygiene

28 September 2023

The changing rooms form the boundary between the hygienically sensitive production area and the outside world. The changing room furnishings are given a central role that should by no means be neglected in the food industry.

On the one hand: the street, everyday clothes and shoes. On the other side: the smock, the hoods or helmets, the boots or work shoes. These two areas result in the so-called unclean-clean separation in operation. Everyday shoes and clothing must not come into contact with work clothing. This applies to all hygiene-sensitive areas in food processing and is part of a consistent HACCP concept.

PHT is your contact for hygienic changing room facilities in the company. Find out more in our hygiene brochure:

Material of the changing room facility

PHT furnishings are typically made of stainless steel. The material is germ-inhibiting because bacteria and germs cannot settle on the smooth surface. Alternatively, we offer furniture with ground surfaces and painted, galvanized sheet steel. We always make sure that the changing room facilities are easy to clean. Another aspect is security. This avoids sharp edges.

Do you have further questions about the hygienic furnishing of changing rooms? Our experienced consultants will work with you to find a solution that exactly suits your space and personal circumstances.