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Double-walled front loaders with a high energy advantage

28 September 2023

In the hectic everyday life of a bakery, confectionery, ice cream parlor or butcher’s shop, the dishwasher must be absolutely reliable. Both in terms of flushing performance and energy efficiency as well as robustness and ergonomics.

The front loader series from PHT impresses with its double-walled construction, divided doors and maximum efficiency. Thanks to the steam condenser and heat pump, a lot of energy is saved when washing up. Extras such as the Sistema BREAK tank, which avoids unnecessary rinsing cycles, ensure additional economy.

The series consists of 4 models each with working heights of 650 mm and 820 mm. So you can choose the right model depending on the size of your business. The rinsing area is easily accessible for your employees, the operation is very intuitive. There are four pre-programmed rinse cycles. You can set the duration and temperature according to your needs. Any anomalies are displayed directly on the control panel, guaranteeing compliance with the HACCP protocol.

Maintenance is just as easy. Your service technician has easy access to all components.

The efficient PHT front loaders impress with their hygienic design.

More economical thanks to clever technology

The inner workings of the machines are particularly interesting. The system condenses the vapors produced during the flushing process. This saves a great deal of energy, since the heat generated during the rinsing process is used to preheat the rest of the rinsing water. The steam stays in the machine and does not get into the kitchen or bakery.

The optional heat pump achieves a similar effect. It converts excess heat into energy in the form of steam. This energy is then used to heat the rinsing water. Electric heating is no longer necessary. The air that enters the room is dehumidified. This prevents possible mold growth in the premises.

A technical highlight is the BREAK TANK (BT). This exclusive technology ensures that the rinsing takes place at a constant pressure and temperature. Among other things, flushing is blocked if there is no water supply. That also saves energy.

With this series, you have the latest generation of energy-efficient and user-friendly dishwashers at your disposal.

PHT offers the latest generation of energy-efficient dishwashers. We are happy to help.