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Hygiene technology in bakeries

28 September 2023

Cleanliness and quality are the cornerstones of any successful bakery. One key to this: the right hygiene technology. In bakeries, devices such as non-contact hand cleaning basins, access barriers or foam cleaning systems for floors and surfaces ensure that baked goods not only taste delicious, but also meet the highest hygienic standards. After all, perfect hygiene is in the interests of both the customers and the bakeries themselves. On the one hand, there is hardly an area that is regulated as comprehensively by law as the production of food. The EU Regulation (EG) No. 852/2004 on food hygiene has been in force since 2006, which includes a HACCP concept prescribes. On the other hand, lack of hygiene can mean the end of a bakery. Hygiene technology supports bakeries in the two basic areas of hygiene: personal hygiene and industrial hygiene.

Personnel hygiene in the bakery

Humans are known to be the greatest hygiene risk. Therefore, in the HACCP concept and in the legislation, special attention is paid to the staff. Examples are the Infection Protection Act (IfSG), § 42 and the food hygiene training courses according to § 4 LMHV. These apply to all people who come into contact with food.

Supportive hygiene technology:
  • Sensor-controlled hand sanitizer basins with touch-free soap and sanitizer dispensers and hand dryers like PHT Clean & Dry
  • Hand wash basins with integrated access controls such as turnstiles
  • Hygiene sluices with motorized turnstiles such as PHT Clean Guard and Clean Perfect
  • Integrated body temperature controls for infection prevention
  • If required, hygiene locks with sole and shaft cleaning
  • Clean and unclean separation in the changing rooms

Facility hygiene for bakeries

A clean working environment, hygienic tools and transport containers and regular disinfection also ensure the protection of employees and compliance with hygienic standards. These measures come under the heading of facility hygiene. Here, too, the latest technology helps the bakeries.

Supportive hygiene technology:
  • Floor and surface cleaning systems such as low-pressure foam cleaning systems
  • Energy and time-saving dishwashers like the double-walled PHT front-loaders
  • Container and crate cleaning systems
  • Professional apron and glove cleaning like
  • UV disinfection for air and surface sterilization
    Color-coded work materials

Optimizing processes with technology

Thanks to our advanced hygiene technology, you can not only maintain the quality of your products, but also optimize the production processes. The devices and systems of the PHT Group are designed in such a way that they hardly or not at all interfere with the work processes. Or even accelerate them, such as the innovative low-pressure foam cleaning systems or our container cleaners that can be loaded and unloaded quickly and also require little cleaning effort. Our hygiene experts will advise you in detail and respond individually to your spatial and operational conditions. You get the hygiene technology for your bakery that fits your business and your work processes perfectly. For you, this means fresh baked goods of the highest quality, day after day, with minimal risk of contamination and hygiene, and with high cost-effectiveness.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on hygiene technology for bakeries. Contact us.