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Lift and tilt solutions. Convenient emptier

28 September 2023

Whether for filling, preparing for transport or for further processing – mechanical lifting and tipping systems make work in the food industry easier. The staff is physically relieved, processing processes are accelerated and the highest hygiene standards are met.

The core task of the systems is simple: the delivered food is lifted hydraulically or electrically and then emptied by tipping. The differences are in the details. What type of container should be lifted and emptied? Should the system be mobile? How high does the dumping height have to be? How strong should the carrying capacity be? Does the tilting device have to be able to be moved vertically and horizontally?

In addition to the lifting/tipping solutions, there are pure tipping systems, so-called swing loaders, in which the goods are not lifted. The containers are moved into the system and tipped onto the process belt or the machine via a cylinder. This means that, unlike lifting/tipping systems, only a small difference in height is overcome here.

The systems are used everywhere in the food industry where large quantities of unprocessed or already processed products have to be transported. It doesn’t matter what food it is. The devices meet the highest standards of EU norms and CE conformity.

Classic areas of application:
  • meat processing
  • large bakeries
  • food industry
  • canteen kitchens
  • dairies
PHT is your contact for lift and tilt systems for the food industry. Find out more about ergonomic and hygienic solutions in our product brochure:

Suitable for a variety of transport containers

The lifting and tipping devices of the PHT Group are designed in such a way that they are suitable for lifting and emptying containers of different sizes or can be adapted: 200 liter standard trolley DIN 9797, E2 containers, loading trolleys, large boxes and barrels.

Lift and tilt solutions. Advantages at a glance:
  • Increased efficiency when handling heavy loads.
  • Reduction of manual labour
  • Improved safety when emptying food
  • Run workflows faster
  • High level of hygienic safety

Needs-based lifting/tipping systems from PHT

The PHT Group’s lifting and tipping solutions can be adapted to the specific requirements of the respective operation. This applies in particular to the container sizes and types, the load capacity and the mobility of the systems. There are stationary and mobile systems.

When retrofitting existing production facilities, we take into account the local conditions such as room height, paths and existing machines. The solutions are designed in such a way that they can be integrated into your production process and can be optimized in the future.

Our lift and tilt range is made from stainless steel. The surfaces are blasted with glass beads. This creates a smooth and hygienic surface. All systems comply with CE standards. The legal hygiene regulations are met 100 percent.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on the implementation of the lift and tilt system. You receive planning and installation from a single source.