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Swing loader. Ergonomic tilting

28 September 2023

Whether sausage meat, pieces of meat, sliced ​​vegetables or other non-liquid foods, swing loaders make the production process easier and relieve the strain on staff. The principle is simple: the goods are transported into the swing loader in the transport container. This lifts the container hydraulically and brings the food onto a stainless steel chute. This is now tilted and the food slides onto the processing belt, into the machine or system. The previously manual loading of the further processing station is thus automated.

Swingloaders have four main advantages:
  1. Physical relief for employees
  2. Faster filling with hydraulics
  3. Clean, waste-free filling through a chute
  4. High level of hygiene thanks to the stainless-steel design

You should pay attention to this with a swing loader

Controllability: The tipping process should be able to be stopped in any position. This ensures that the containers are emptied in a controlled manner.

Mobility: The swing loader should be able to be rotated and tilted if necessary to enable flexible use.

Hygiene: The material should meet the highest hygiene standards. The PHT Group swing loaders are made entirely of stainless steel. The surface is glass bead blasted. The devices comply with CE requirements and comply with EU and USDA regulations.

Mobility: If the swing loaders are used at different locations in the company, they should also be equipped with wheels.

Customizability: In some cases, there are special sizing requirements. Check if customization is required for specific containers.

Areas of application for swing loaders

Swingloaders are used wherever larger quantities of food are processed. Their use is not limited to the food industry, medium-sized companies also use the hydraulic aids to relieve their employees physically and to ensure a high level of food hygiene.

Swingloaders are often used by:
  • food manufacturer
  • Meat processing plants
  • canteen kitchens
  • large bakeries

Swingloader: Walkthrough by PHT

The PHT Group offers ergonomic and hygienic swing loaders as a complete solution. Depending on customer requirements in stationary or mobile design. Special controls and special sizes for special dimensions are possible on request. The devices are delivered ready for connection, with a table and other add-on parts if required.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on our ergonomic and hygienic swing loaders. Contact us.