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Technology as an answer to staff shortages in food companies

28 September 2023

There is a shortage of personnel in food companies, be it qualified workers, skilled workers or trainees and food companies can score points with a crisis-proof job. After all, food is always needed. And the work is varied. The reasons for the staff shortage are varied. The German Trade Association (HDE) cites, among other things, demographic change and the ongoing trend towards academization. In addition, the food industry has an image of hard work and hard work is avoided.

But does working in the food industry still have to be hard?

Many processes can be automated. Modern technology takes over many tasks that were previously painstakingly done by hand. The bodies of the workforce are relieved. Furthermore, the systems are becoming increasingly ergonomic and user-friendly. In short: Modern technology creates better working conditions and the workplace becomes more attractive. Technology can be an answer to the staff shortage in the food industry.

Let’s give examples:

Ergonomic lifting and tilting systems

Place food onto processing belts by hand. Today, the food delivered in containers is lifted hydraulically or electrically and emptied by tipping. The systems are designed to be modular so that different container sizes can be moved. It doesn’t matter which foods are processed. The systems meet the highest hygiene standards such as EU standards and CE conformity. The physical strain on staff is greatly reduced and safety during emptying is increased.

Modern lifting and tilting systems from PHT make everyday tasks easier

Modern hygiene locks

But you shouldn’t just pay attention to your back, arms and legs, but to your health in general. Hygiene locks significantly reduce the risk of infection because they cannot be bypassed in the hustle and bustle of everyday work. In this way, the locks prevent the staff shortage from being exacerbated by absences due to illness. The contemporary furnishings show that the team cares about the food business.

Hygiene locks reduce the risk of infection

Modern cleaning systems

In order to ensure the highest hygiene standards, thorough cleaning of machines, work equipment and production facilities is essential. Intelligent hygiene technology offers many advantages for the staff. Dishwashers should be ergonomically designed to protect the backs of the staff. The machines themselves should be easy to clean.

Today, transport crates are no longer sprayed with a hose, but rather sent through container cleaning systems. This cleaning method is much more pleasant for employees.

Surfaces such as floors and walls can be cleaned easily and safely with low-pressure foam cleaning systems. These systems save energy and time and are very effective. They make working life easier.

Ergonomic container cleaning systems

Good image in tough competition

Modern technology improves working conditions. This is how we effectively address the staff shortage. Automation and new systems optimize processes, reduce manual work and increase productivity. The food company improves its image through employee-friendly facilities. In this way, companies gain a competitive advantage in the tough battle for personnel.

The PHT Group offers you innovative overall hygiene solutions for hygiene-sensitive areas with which you can improve your image, increase hygiene safety and optimize your work processes.