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Energy-saving foam cleaning with the PHT GREEN Button

19 October 2023

Together with our partners, we at PHT have decided to take another step for the environment. For this reason, we have now made our foam cleaning more efficient and resource-saving.

Experience has shown that less water pressure is needed for post-rinsing, which removes foam and disinfectant residues, than for pre-rinsing. We have introduced the ECO Clean function especially for this application.

The ECO Clean function halves the cleaning pressure when the Green button is activated. This can save up to 52 % of the energy consumption and up to 20 % of the water consumption.

The Green Button is visibly installed on the mobile foam cleaning unit or on a pressure boosting unit. The user can simply press the ECO-Clean function during operation. The button lights up green as soon as the ECO-Clean function is active.

The advantages of the Green Button at a glance:

  • Output pressure is reduced by 10 bar
  • Switching between medium and low pressure at the touch of a button
  • Efficient solution for cleaning areas that do not require high outlet pressure
  • Ideal for removing foam and disinfectant during rinsing (flushing)
  • Less foam splashing during rinsing
  • Also suitable for intermediate rinsing
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 52 %
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 20 %

The table shows the savings with the Green Button using the example of a water pressure of 24.3 bar. During the use of a foam cleaner with 24.3 bar, up to 2.7 kWh and 29.6 litres of water per minute are consumed. If you activate the Green button, the water pressure is reduced to 15 bar.

Activating the Eco function reduces the energy consumption to 1.3 kWh. In the above example, the energy consumption is reduced by up to 52%.

In Eco mode, too, 5.8 litres of water are saved per minute. In this way, water consumption can be reduced by up to 20% with the Green Button.

PHT helps you save resources

Do you also want to save energy and water? Then upgrade your foam cleaning with the GREEN Button and let us advise you.