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Divide sausage better with sausage cutters

8 April 2024

The eye eats too. This insight has long since become established in the food industry. In addition to the visually appealing presentation, two other things are important when processing meat: perfect hygienic conditions and precise portioning by weight. Sausage cutters, i.e. automatic portioning systems , combine all three aspects: appearance, hygiene and weight. They are therefore indispensable helpers in meat processing. There are special, high-performance sausage cutter solutions for different areas of application. We introduce them to you.

Halve sausages

Exactly two identical sausage halves – you can do this quickly and hygienically with the Weight & Cut sausage portioner. Weighing cells measure the center of gravity to the nearest gram, and a millimeter-thin knife separates the sausage with an oblique or straight cut. The knife blade is 7 mm or 14 mm wide. The oblique cutter can be operated manually or automatically, integrated into production lines or used as a standalone machine.

Portioning sausages

Raw, boiled and cooked sausages can be portioned into sausage pieces exactly 19 to 40 centimeters long using the SB-Cut. The cutting angle is adjustable from 45 to 90 degrees. The plug-in system makes it possible to change blades quickly. The small blade surface reduces the CFU number on the cutting surface by a factor of 20 compared to a circular knife cut.

Halving, portioning and dividing sausages

The Präzi-Cut bevel cutter offers you high cutting flexibility. Halving, portioning and cutting sausage and meat products – everything is possible with the sausage cutter. You can handle product lengths of 20 to 60 centimeters (max. 1 meter when portioning) with a cutting angle of 45 to 90 degrees. Up to 35 sausages can be portioned per minute. A double-edged knife allows cutting in both directions. The oblique cutter can be integrated into production lines or used as a standalone machine.

Separating hanging sausages

Cut and separate sausage chains with the sausage chain separator. The fully automatic application reduces the risk of contamination and speeds up the separation process. Chains of one, two, three and four are possible. You can smoke up to seven smoke sticks per minute.

Removing sausage seals

Remove locking clips without gripping pliers – no problem with the unclipper. This way you can reliably reduce cross-contamination. And there are no metal residues left on the product. The intestine is closed again by turning the twisting device.

Sausage cutter from PHT

The sausage cutters and other machines are made of stainless steel and are therefore particularly hygienic. The sausage cutters are designed in such a way that they come into contact with the sausages and other meat products as little as possible. This minimizes the risk of cross-contamination. The systems can usually be integrated into your production line.

Powerful cutting with the PHT solutions for precise length and weight portioning. With PHT’s sausage cutter solutions, you can take halving, portioning and cutting sausages to a new level.