Charging trolley cleaning system BM 200

▪ Cleaning for lifting and loading trolleys or paloxes
▪ Capacity of approx. 25 trolleys or 20 paloxes per hour
▪ Steam or electrically heated
▪ Adjustable cycle duration depending on
the degree of contamination ▪ Highly efficient rotating washing arm driven by water pressure
▪ Hydraulically driven door
▪ Meets the high CE requirements as well as the EU and USDA regulations

Hygienic cleaning of lifting and loading trucks

The BM200 cleaning system is ideal for efficient cleaning of standard loading trolleys or crates with a capacity of 25 trolleys or 20 crates. The cycle duration can be adjusted depending on the degree of contamination. A sieve filter also catches the coarse dirt and keeps the water clean for a long time, which flows back into the main tank and reduces water consumption. The hydraulically driven door is used to load the containers and close the washing zone.

Technical data

  • Power supply: 400V 50Hz
  • Control voltage: 24V DC
  • Total power: Approx. 40 kW
  • Water connection: R 1“ AG /fresh water/
  • Water connection: R 1“ AG /rinsing water/
  • Water drain: DN 50
  • Line pressure: Min. 3 bar-max. 6 bar
  • Capacity: max. 20 BW/hr.
  • Own weight: Approx. 1400 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): approx. 4890 x 2620 x 2900 mm

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