Sausage portioners

▪ Automatic portioning
▪ Cutting raw, boiled and cooked sausages
▪ Product sizes from 35-75mm diameter with a length of 190-400mm
▪ Infinitely adjustable cutting angle from 45-90 degrees
▪ Changing the blade in just a few seconds
▪ 20 times lower CFU -Number (colony forming units) on gate than with circular knife



Sausage portioner SB-Cut

Cutting sausage products is easy with the SB-Cut. The sausage portioner cuts raw, boiled and cooked sausages with a diameter of 35-75mm and a length of 190-400mm. The cutting angle of the cutter can be continuously adjusted from 45-90 degrees. The blade can also be changed within a few seconds thanks to a simple plug-in system. The blade surface is very small, which means that a 20-fold lower CFU number (colony forming units) can be achieved on the cutting surface compared to cutting with a circular knife.

Technical data

  • Product caliber: Ø 35 – 75 mm
  • Product length: 190 – 400 mm
  • Capacity: 35 – 40 pieces/min, depending on the product
  • Cutting angle: 45 – 90°, infinitely adjustable
  • Centering accuracy: ± 0.5 mm

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