The THERMICjet® is the right choice for cooking and smoking, heating, and drying. We manufacture our hot smoke and cooking systems as well as cooking kettles individually for you, whether for one trolley or fifty, transit or standard design, for standard trolleys or rail systems. This ensure the system is optimally integrated into your production flow.


With ARCTICjet® intensive chilling systems by Schröter, your goods can be rapidly chilled and packaged immediately thereafter. Thanks to these advantages, our intensive chilling systems are the ideal supplement to your production flow and have become indispensable for many manufacturers in the meat-processing industry.

Different types of coolants – such as ice water, cold air, and brine – guarantee the best possible treatment of meat products. And if your requirements should change, we will retrofit your intensive chilling system with a complete cooking option.



Semicontinuous units produce in batches with an integrated, automatic conveyor system and are furnished with an absolutely operator-friendly process control system.

SEMIjet® thereby focuses just as much on speed and saving of energy as on homogeneity of the meat products and accurately repeatable results. This way, optimal processes are always guaranteed.


The continuously operating CONTIjet® from Schröter dries, cooks, smokes, bakes, cools, and pasteurizes in a single process step – fast, efficient, and without high staff costs. Automatic stick supply, removal of sticks, and stick refeeding with cleaning guarantee automated processes.

This offers great advantages to clients who produce in large quantities. The size and design of the installations are adapted individually to structural conditions of clients’ facilities.


CLIMAjets® are systems with individual air flow systems for processes throughout the entire production chain – from defrosting through to cold smoking, maturing, and post-maturing.

This well-engineered plant technology is equally of interest to trade and industry because it can be adapted flexibly to suit products and capacities.

From the smallest to the largest post-maturing room, the products are processed in an absolutely uniform and gentle manner thanks to an intricate air recirculation system.

In addition, Schröter will adapt all cold-smoking, maturing, post-maturing, and defrosting systems specifically for your building. Moreover we always find the best solution also for your new building plans.



We design Schröter baking systems in various versions, including rotary baking systems, multi-air cross-flow systems, or as combination hot-air cooking systems.

We can always offer you the perfect system combination for baking, browning, and cooking your meat products



Fish can be processed into a tasty and healthy treat with the FISHjet®. Whether it is smoked fish, such as eel or mackerel, dried cod or stock fish, the state-of-the-art drying and smoking systems for hot and cold smoking by Schröter guarantee the preparation of many delicacies of consistently high quality.

A homogeneous drying process ensures outstanding quality with minimal weight loss and appetizing color.



Whether smoking is mild or strong – different products require different smoke intensities. Therefore Schröter offers four systems for hot and cold smoking in the SMOKjet® product range: glow smoke generators for chips and saw dust, steam and friction smoke generators, and liquid smoke devices.

In addition, glow and steam smoke generators produce small exhaust air volumes, which can economically be cleaned by means of exhaust-air cleaning systems. By contrast, friction smoke generators have the advantage of circulatory operation, and liquid smoke systems develop smoke by means of vaporizing compressed air in closed systems.



The thermal air-purification systems from Schröter are used to purify highly contaminated smoke streams – from 200 to thousands of cubic meters per hour. They can be supplied as individual solutions or as a central system for multiple emission sources. In addition, downstream units can be integrated for heat recovery.

The Schröter CLEENjet® is available with multiple options in our classic design or as weatherproof, sound-insulated container solution. For plants with steam smoke generators, water scrubbers are also an alternative. We offer also individual solutions for lightly polluted streams.