Swingloader up to 1000 kg

  • ▪ Ergonomic emptying of various containers
    ▪ Up to 1000 kg load capacity
    ▪ Stationary or mobile version
    ▪ Standard dumping heights from 1000 to 1300mm (max. 2000mm)
    ▪ CE compliant version
    ▪ Electro-hydraulic compact drive
    ▪ Standard version with height-adjustable feet

Metered emptying with swing loaders

The swing loader is ideal for metered emptying in production plants. The electro-hydraulic compact drive enables particularly user-friendly control via inching operation and thus empties containers in a dosed manner. The system ensures ergonomic and safe handling of 600 and 1000 liter standard loading trolleys and special containers. Made entirely of stainless steel material 1.4301 and with a glass bead blasted surface, the swing loader is also particularly hygienic and safe.

Technical data

  • Stationary or mobile
  • Standard dumping heights: 1000-1300mm (max. 2000mm)
  • Load capacity up to 1000 kg
  • Electro-hydraulic compact drive: 400V / 50 Hz / 1.5kW
  • Material: stainless steel material 1.4301
  • Surface: glass bead blasted

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