Wardrobe lockers

▪ Various cabinet models for all circumstances
▪ Several colors and materials possible
▪ From lockers for valuables to laundry cabinets
▪ Optionally integrated benches, shoe racks and ventilation
▪ Rustproof materials
▪ Different types of locks possible

Changing rooms, lockers and lockers for your personal hygiene

A crucial step in personal hygiene is switching from unclean to clean laundry. To achieve this, companies and industries need the correct furnishings of social spaces in the form of lockers, changing rooms and lockers. PHT offers various designs and materials to suit your requirements. Well thought-out details such as sloping roofs, integrated shoe racks and rust-proof materials make everyday use easier.

Different versions for your social space

Companies and employee frequencies vary, so the requirements for cupboards and cloakrooms are different. Depending on the circumstances, continuous or divided cupboards with several compartments on top of each other can be used in which employees can store their street clothing. Depending on the space, cupboards with integrated or free-standing benches can be used to make the changing process more pleasant. Optional ventilation ensures a pleasant climate and quick drying in the cupboards. We will also find the right solution for you when it comes to storing and returning your clean laundry.

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