Personnel hygiene

With access controls, starting with the changing rooms and canteens to the hygiene locks and all the necessary hygiene equipment at the workplace, we cover all hygiene-related points in your personnel flow.

Your personal hygiene efficient and hygienic

Personnel hygiene is one of the most important areas in hygiene-sensitive companies, because the risk of contamination increases with employees coming into the company from outside. It is therefore important, both in small businesses and in large businesses, that personnel hygiene is planned in a holistic hygiene concept from the first time you enter the business until the time you leave the goods. Employees should be guided through the hygiene gate in a clear, logical and unavoidable process. The so-called “compulsory management” ensures that employees carry out every step of cleaning and disinfection, which offers you maximum process security.

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Hygiene technology

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Social room equipment

PHT hygiene technology in the staff wing

What is personal hygiene?

Personnel hygiene includes all measures that contribute to the proper hygiene of your employees in the company. Personnel hygiene can basically be divided into the areas of hygiene technology and social room equipment . Hygiene technology includes all topics such as hygiene locks , hand and sole cleaning and disinfection as well as access controls. These ensure that employees disinfect their hands and soles with optional forced guidance. Details such as sensor controls, sole brushes with special technology and other hygienic details make the application simple and user-friendly. The social room furnishings area includes all systems and equipment that enable employees to hygienically change and store unclean and clean laundry. These include safes, lockers, benches, shoe storage and drying and much more, which also impress with their hygienic and well-thought-out design.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Hygienic and efficient processes
  • Process reliability through guided processes
  • Minimizing the risk of contamination
  • Hygienic design and easy maintenance
  • Ease of use

Efficient personal hygiene with PHT

Through holistic hygiene concepts, PHT ensures hygiene from the first time you enter until the goods are dispatched. As your partner for personnel and facility hygiene , your product safety is particularly important to us, which is why we work with you to develop an individual hygiene concept and equip new buildings and existing companies with innovative hygiene technology.

PHT hygiene technology in the staff wing

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