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We offer innovative cleaning and drying technology for all containers, trolleys and means of transport in your company. We would be happy to inform you about our range of dishwashers, crate, bin, trolley and Multi Master.

Hygienic cleaning of containers

Containers, loading trolleys and other means of transport have a high throughput and usually come into direct contact with the product. Therefore, quick and hygienic cleaning of the containers is particularly important. PHT offers various solutions for container cleaning. Depending on the number and size, different systems can be used.

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PHT CM container cleaning system with vibration dryer

What are container cleaning systems?

Cleaning systems include the cleaning of various containers from e-boxes to loading carts. These should be cleaned quickly and hygienically so that they can be used again as quickly as possible. There are different versions of cleaning systems such as front loader cleaning systems or continuous cleaning systems. The CM continuous cleaning from PHT is designed very efficiently and impresses with details such as the slanted box guide or the 2-phase door opening. This is particularly practical in everyday production, as containers of different heights can be cleaned unsorted. The containers run through the system and are cleaned by nozzles. A dryer can also be integrated here. The HPW front loader series from PHT is ideal for large kitchens or craft businesses. Depending on their size, this can be used to clean containers, dishes and other kitchen utensils. PHT also offers individual solutions for loading trolleys or other means of transport. PHT drainage technology is the ideal complement to cleaning systems in companies.

Where can container cleaning be integrated?

The PHT cleaning systems can be integrated into all areas where containers or means of transport are used. Companies with a high frequency of containers, such as butcher shops, butcher shops, bakeries, dairies and other manufacturing companies, clean their containers efficiently and at the same time ensure their hygiene. The cleaning processes should be planned effectively and optimized right from the start, which is why PHT advises companies and develops effective hygiene concepts together with you.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Hygienic cleaning and drying
  • Efficient and resource-saving
  • Individual solutions for all types of containers
  • Hygienic design
  • Optimized processes

Container cleaning at PHT

PHT is the partner for hygiene and technology in companies with hygiene-sensitive areas and develops holistic hygiene concepts. By integrating hygienic container cleaning, you can sustainably and effectively ensure greater product safety.

PHT HPW front loader cleaning system

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