Efficient conveyor technology

Modern conveyor technology simplifies the workflow and ensures efficient production. In our offer you will find innovative and ergonomically optimized belts, roller carpets, flow racks and pallet trucks.

Efficient and ergonomic conveyor technology

In production companies, goods usually pass through several areas. Transport should be quick and efficient, which is why the integration of modern conveyor technology is extremely important. Innovative conveyor belts, roller carpets or flow racks optimize operational processes and ensure that your products are transported quickly from A to B. PHT is the expert in conveyor technology and develops optimized routes and the right systems. Since conveyor technology usually comes into direct contact with the product, the PHT systems are constructed with a hygienic design. In combination with PHT foam cleaning, the conveyor belts, roller carpets and flow racks are kept hygienically clean.

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What is conveyor technology?

PHT conveyor technology offers individual solutions for transporting various goods. Conveyor belts ensure smooth operations. Goods such as meat, baked goods or other products are transported directly on the conveyor belts or in boxes. PHT also covers manual transport, such as with pallet trucks, with innovative solutions. Conveyor technology also includes storage technology, which optimizes the storage of goods using flow racks, picking warehouses and roller carpets. Various technologies such as fully automatic or manual removal, automatic loading or technology based on the first-in first-out principle make your processes efficient and ergonomic.

Where can the conveyor technology be integrated?

PHT conveyor and storage technology can be used wherever companies store or transport their goods. The technologies are particularly suitable for hygiene-sensitive areas such as butcher shops, meat shops, bakeries, dairies and other food businesses. The conveyor belts offer individual solutions for various work steps such as disassembly, sorting and packaging. Since the conveyor technology often has direct contact with the open product, hygienic design such as rounded corners is particularly important to us in order to avoid long-term contamination. For other processes such as lifting and transferring, you will find your individual lifting and tilting solutions at PHT .

Your benefits at a glance

  • Innovative and efficient transport and storage of goods
  • Optimization of processes and paths
  • individual solutions
  • Hygienic design
  • Advice, planning and service

Conveyor technology at PHT

Thanks to its many years of experience, PHT is an expert in individual solutions for conveyor and storage technology. We advise and plan companies around the ideal facility and supply the appropriate technologies.

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