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Food conveying systems

8 April 2024

Conveyance systems are crucial for the safety and quality of food. They help ensure that the food industry meets the highest standards. And conveyor systems make the workflow easier.

This is what matters when it comes to conveyor systems:


Wherever systems come into contact with food, the highest level of hygienic sensitivity is required. This also applies to conveyor systems. The PHT Group builds conveyor belts and lifting systems according to the principles of hygienic design. This means, for example, that corners are rounded, edges are avoided, liquids can drain quickly and important components are made of stainless steel. This avoids contamination. Hygienic conveyor systems help ensure that hygiene standards are maintained and food production meets legal requirements.


Employees love cleverly designed support systems. Because these relieve the strain on the backs and muscles of the employees. Regardless of whether it is a lifting/tilting solution with an integrated conveyor belt or pure conveyor systems such as conveyor belts, roller carpets or flow racks. The long-term physical strain decreases significantly. Employee satisfaction increases. The PHT Group ensures that the conveyor technology is easy to use. And the heights can be individually adjusted to ensure optimal ergonomics .

Process integration

For a smooth workflow, precise integration into operational processes is crucial. This affects both the locations and the size of the food delivery systems. The PHT systems can be used wherever food is processed such as in butcher shops, meat shops, bakeries, dairies and other food processing companies. They are used for disassembly, transport, sorting or packaging. Different technologies such as automatic removal and loading or technology based on the first-in, first-out principle make the processes efficient. Different container shapes and sizes can be loaded and lifted. The PHT Group designs the conveyor systems based on your spatial and structural conditions.

Transport food better

Many years of experience make us experts in the field of automatic food conveying. As a partner to the food industry, we advise and plan the appropriate conveyor systems together with you.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on our ergonomic and hygienic conveyor systems. Contact us.